Compay for Coin Casa

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Compay is the Cuban word indicating a friend you have a familiar relationship with. The collection is inspired by the conviviality and party atmosphere of Cuba and it offers a set composed of a carafe, a glass for water and a flute, all made with Murano glass, whose peculiarity is the shape. The lowest glass, for water, has soft and rounded lines while the flute is slenderer with tapered and elegant shape.
The two of them, owing to their matching colors, can stand together on the table just like two friends.
The carafe brings together in one piece the shapes and the colors of the two type of glasses and it is manufactured thanks to the Murano technique called "Incalmo".

Edited by: Coin Casa, 2017
Curated by: Elle Decor Italia for Coin Casa
Photo credit: Andrea Penisto