Hug for Dotandcross

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Hug, a flexible bed that accompanies children from birth to 10 years of age by gradually transforming to meet their growing needs. It can be used as a crib thanks to an adjustable supporting structure (the raised mattress base lets you lie your baby down and pick it up effortlessly), a cot bed and a two-seater sofa for children after the wooden front side has been removed. Hug is a snug embrace to sleep, grow and play in surrounded by soft fabrics, protected from noise and concealed from intrusive eyes. It’s a safe haven, a beautiful, sturdy and resistant object that teaches children to appreciate natural materials, their textures and colours. It’s a place to feel free in where a child’s imagination can fly high. Only a cot bed that has replaced its sides with precious panels can create a space capable of offering all this. From necessity to virtue, from the need to surround and protect to the ability to embrace and cradle. Dotandcross® Hug is made up of two sides covered with plain or quilted fabric and is available in four colour options: cream, green petrol, soft pink and powder blue. Your child’s wellbeing becomes an opportunity to try mixing and matching different colours and finishes. Devised, designed and produced in Italy.

Edited by: Dotandcross
Concept: dogtrot
Creative and design direction: Margherita Rui
Product design: Zanellato/Bortotto