Super Time for Maxdesign

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Super Time is the name of the booth we designed for Italian brand Maxdesig on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2017. Following a completely new brand identity, we decided to narrate stories about the iconic products in imaginary scenes, suspended in balance above visitors inside big colorful frames. A way of communicating ordinary daily scenes through colors, textiles and materials.
A different opportunity to interprete the flexibility of Maxdesign collection. Here following the concept of Super Time. Human beings constantly interact with the surroundings, with the space they live and spend time in. Our behavior and our thinking are deeply influenced by structure and elements around us. In the same way each person modifies and shapes a nude place to turn it into an environment where inspiration, knowledge and senses find a fertile terrain. The more versatile an habitat is the more dynamic a mind can be.
The symbolism behind every single elements becomes part of our daily routine and conditions the essence of our activities. Is the environment worth it?
Are we shaping a versatile and harmonic dimension around us?

Edited by: Maxdesign, 2017
Photo credit: Alberto Parise
Communication by: Chiara Torelli