Woven Stories for Talking Hands

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Woven Stories is a series of chairs and furniture created in collaboration with Talking Hands. A collective which brings together a group of asylum seekers from different African countries, they have in common great manual and artisan skills that ranges from tailoring to carpentry. The project started from a simple series of sketches and ideas on paper, shared and developed in close contact with the artisans. A unique and unusual creative method, where the exchange of knowledge and know-how has given shape to unique and complex products, but with a friendly and colorful appearance. Each piece has been tailored mixing African textiles with wools produced by Lanificio Paoletti. Woven Stories is part of a path that talks about integration and creativity, and how these can become elements to open new dialogues and overcome the barriers of everyday life.

Edited by: Talking Hands, 2019
Photo Credit: Commesso Fotografo