Acqua Alta for Rubelli

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“The high water phenomenon is Nature’s envy: it is an attempt to create a lagoon over the city of Venice.” Tiziano Scarpa

Acqua Alta is a project that was conceived from the desire to give greater value to a cultural and historical heritage that is incomparable: the city of Venice. The territory of Veneto and Venice, in particular, are the guardians of the history, the techniques and the numerous secrets of artisans which are unique. Important traditions distinguish this city which for centuries has been a center of trade and commerce with the rest of the world. Amongst these, textile art with its precious fabrics to glass-blowing in Murano, from essences and spices, precious passe-partout for exchanges within the Mediterranean. Acqua Alta therefore, is the tie that binds all these techniques together starting rom the unique natural phenomenon that embraces them all: water as a means of transport, water as a source of energy, water as a complexity that influences the lives of its citizens often leaving indelible signs. These reflections have become the inspiration for the first Acqua Alta collection that includes a series of precious jacquard tapestries, an exclusive ambiance fragrance diffuser made of blown glass, a marble lamp and a vase. Acqua Alta is the consequence of the careful observation of different effects provoked by this particular and natural phenomenon which is the high tide.The intention for creating our collection stems from the wish to translate a theme that is important and sensitive yet one that provides a constant source of inspiration for the design and development of objects that adapt like water flows to a contemporary lifestyle.

Producted by: Rubelli©, 2013
Photo credit: Cristina Galliena Bohman, Mauro Tittoto, Marco Franceschin