Brayda for Abet Laminati

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Design is a continuous conflict? Between nature and artifice, now resolved in favour of one or the other. Memphis has always opted for artifice, creating imaginary landscapes and sampling palettes of a surreal elsewhere.
Brayda - the original name of Bra, the town where Abet is based - is the console/storage unit we designed to re-affirm the supremacy of nature, evoking the gentle hills of these Piedmontese lands with a sense of harmony. The idea is even stronger if we consider that this furniture tells the story of an area and its colours, starting with the most classic and neutral material available in the Abet range, laminate. In this case, the studio explores this material, adding the softness and sinuosity of natural forms it celebrates, and highlighting the edging as a decorative element that tells its virtues and history.
It’s radical because while working on the aesthetics of the surface, it makes an opposite gesture to that of Memphis: the inspiration is not artifice, but the real nature of the Roero hills.

Brayda is a unique piece designed for the exhibition SuperSuperfici! The spirit of Memphis (reloaded) curated by Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni for Abet Laminati in 2021.
Production: La Veneta, Filippo Scapin
Photo credits ©Max Rommel