Mandala for Objets Nomades, Louis Vuitton

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An explosion of colors and craft, Mandala was inspired by the classic flower shape of Louis Vuitton’s Monogram and the radiant beauty of contemplative geometric mandalas. Its remarkably worked pattern of braided Louis Vuitton leather is tightly stretched over three metal circles, which are mounted on a smoothly polished Carrara marble base. The circles’ brass hinges allow for different configurations and make the screen highly adaptable, whether it is defining an atmospheric space or creating a feeling of intimacy. The delicate colours – soft grey, light pink and deep blue – evoke the dappled reflections of sunrise in the waters of the Venetian lagoon.

Edited by: Objets Nomades, Louis Vuitton, 2019
Photo credit: Tommaso Sartori for Louis Vuitton, Davide Lovatti for Gentleman Magazine (back-up pictures)