Muzauwaq for Nilufar

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The collaboration with mosaic artisan Andrea Besana and the fascination with his mosaic technique has generated a collection of outdoor furniture designed for Nilufar Gallery: here more than place it is time that has been considered, in the sense of tradition, able to create a connecting bridge between past and present. Muzauwaq is a contemporary reworking of the traditional language of mosaic and its millenary history through a linear structure in burnished brass that creates a base to accentuate pieces that are ideally suited to contact with air, light and landscape. To ensure it stands up to outdoor conditions a coloured resin substitutes the traditional mortar as an adhesive for the glass and marble tiles. As such the effect is made even more unique and brought out by the variation of light and shade in the sun.

Edited by: Nilufar©, 2016
Photo credit: Gabriele Zanon for Domus