Optic for Morphosis

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Our research around the theme of “Morphosis" starts from a basic and fundamental element as the light.
In particular, we were fascinated by the way light affects a continuous change in living species, and how the nature reacts to it differently and often in a surprising way.
It affects also the human being and that’s why light is such an important element in the interior design.
The influence of light in our daily life is translated and interpreted through a simple object, such as the photochromic lens. It changes its appearance, from colorful to transparent depending on the lighting conditions, offering a constantly and exciting changing appearance.
This idea take shape through an installation, with a series of photochromic lenses joined together to form a sort of curtain.
Depending on the conditions of light and on the amount of UV rays, the entire object will change appearance by changing the intensity of the color of the lenses. Through the use of different color lenses, the object has a pattern itself that disappear with the disappearing of the sun light.
It works as a sort of filter that adjusts the intensity of light within a room. In full sun the tent will become blind, while at dusk will be completely transparent.

Created for: Morphosis
Curated by: Alice Stori Liechtenstein
Photo credit: Federico Floriani, Mauro Tittoto