Opus Certum

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This project pays homage to the Palladiana tradition by reinterpreting it from a contemporary perspective. The Palladian flooring, realised by juxtaposing various, irregular pieces of marble or other natural stones, is replaced by compositions devised into details and realised by bringing together traditional manual techniques and modern tools. The marble’s swirls and veins are juxtaposed with various patterns of coloured cement to design unique motifs. Vague echoes the tradition by valorising the irregular, sinuous design of surfaces. Dot is a play of contrasts, combining the irregular design of the background and the perfect circle drawn upon it. Optical, finally, is characterised by pieces of the same marble assembled to form an optical illusion where lines are discontinuous and keep chasing one another without never meeting.

Edited by: Del Savio 1910
Photo credit: Mattia Balsamini, Mauro Tittoto
Set design: Leandro Favaloro