5ROOMS for Moulin des Ribes

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The inspiration for this projects comes from the surroundings of Moulin des Ribes, and ancient windmill located in Grasse, Provence. We spent time there during different seasons in order to take in all its particularities - the nature, colors and scents. The interiors we imagined are a personal, intimate diary of the way we experienced this place. The chromatic and formal content of our design is an homage to Grasse.
The traditional gathering of flowers for example, with its warm palette of colors, gave rise to the glazed, diamond-shape tiles covering portions of the floors and walls. The tiles were specifically produced for this location after an attentive experimentation at Botteganove in Vicenza, Italy. Here each tile was individually painted by hand with streaked, luminous strokes, whose combined effect is similar to a carpet of petals. Following the same principle, we used rattan woven by a local craftsman with a traditional technique here interpreted in a contemporary key to design two large wall lamps. Each detail was conceived to create a special suite for the owner and her guests, and to display her collection of artworks.

Project by: Silvia Fiorucci-Roman
Curated by: Annalisa Rosso
Coordinated by: Villa Noailles
Photo credit: Giulio Boem
Project management: Julien Rodier