Window Mirror

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The idea behind this project comes from the theme “Empowered but Dependent”. We were interested in analysing the special relationship we develop with our devices, and how this has deeply influenced our daily life and productivity. Our identity and almost every part of our daily life is now filtered by technology, impeding more and more a direct confrontation with ourselves and reality. The mirror becomes the perfect object to translate this concept. There is something extremely suggestive and evocative in the moment we reflect our image through a mirror. This object is direct, true, thoughtful. It gives us an honest idea of who we are and of how people see ourselves. The mirror we designed is combined with a special lighting system housed between the reflective surface, made of “one-way” mirror material. This is completely reflective when the lights are switched off, whereas the surface looses its reflectivity when illuminated. The LED system is connected to our device and is able to analyse our daily activities and monitor how we focus our energies throughout the day. The more we spend our time on social networks or on activities which somehow keep us away from our most important tasks, the more the lights will turn on making the reflection of ourselves in the mirror extremely disturbed and distorted.

Curated by: Six:Thirty Studio
Exhibition displayed at: The Aram Gallery, London